Could you be the next Kindred Ambassador?

Kindred Networking helps Small businesses owners and Ambassadors achieve growth through purposefully networking with individuals who are aligned with the values of Kindred business Networking.

At Kindred Business Networking we believe in the philosophy of building lasting relationships that create economical growth for all concerned and create a strong business community. Kindred Ambassadors are the business owner of their own group in their local area or region. It is an opportunity for super connectors to grow their own network, support local businesses and to create an income stream.

When you become an Ambassador of Kindred Business Networking you are the business owner of the Networking group in your local area/ region. It is an opportunity for super connectors to grow their own network, support local businesses, small business owners, solopreneurs then go on to create an income stream. You can grow a profitable business along with a strong community of business owners.

Ambassador Benefits:

  • Create a network to support and grow your own business and to equally engage in helping others to grow their business and network connections.
  • Generate income from networking events.
  • Generate income from membership fees.
  • Help and support local business community.
  • Raise your profile locally.
  • Pre-prepared and created digital workshops that you can present to your members helping them build a strong skillset and support for running their business and personal growth.
  • Be part of an encouraging and positive community of business professionals

Each Networking Group has it's own Members Site including member only features, event ticket sales and blogging features - see the Kindred Richmond Site here as an example

Here's what some of our members say about Kindred Business Networking

Darren Bartlett Darren -Bartlett Real Estate

Lauren Roberts - Intuitive Marketing Mentor

Paul Smith - Paul Helps People

"You either love it or you hate it, but when you are in business networking becomes an integral part of your life.

I have tried various different networking groups, but now I’m very choosy as to which ones I frequent.

One of them, Kindred Business Networking, is run by a truly excellent business woman called Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick. She installs a mix of business and enjoyment, and makes each meeting enjoyable.

There’s no getting up at silly o’clock, no bring treated like a child but paying for the privilege.

No, instead you get to network with likeminded people who are prepared to listen and help each other, and get to listen to a member doing a ten minute pitch about their business.

So, if you are not a member of Kindred Business Networking, then get in touch today.

Tell Barbara that I recommend you to join! 🙏"

Paul Smith

I found my  mentoring 121  call  with Barbara great as it helped me  to define  and position my unique value  proposition and clarify exactly my offering specifically so it get really  enabled me to clear on message this – and I  found it enlightening thanks you ……


You must be very proud of your group, you are so supportive, inspiring and you create a great atmosphere where folks want to engage and get to know each other more ……



This is the best networking group around, I love the connections, the fun , great brunch event thank you ……..


Thanks so much for another brilliant session! I really look forward to the catch ups - as Darren said, it’s a really lovely space to connect with people, so thanks so much!   


Your group has been so good. I’m doing a course with Penny and a joint venture with Sam on menopause and sleep problems so we are great examples of how good your group is and how good we are at working  a network.


Barbara this has been a really fantastic meeting. My fave networking meets! THANK YOU. D 😉

Thank you everyone - this has been a wonderful group, so glad to have met you all.  Wonderful talk Ghislaine - thank you

thanks for a great meeting today! you are so good at running them! no waffle!

Thanks Barbara another great meeting today.


Thank you so much Barbara. I was ridiculously  nervous but very glad I did this and to such a wonderful group, thank you for your amazing encouragement.

Thank you so much for the zoom session last week. Some great conversations and definitely some good connections.


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Owner & Founder

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